Cheryl Hemms

Mrs Cheryl Hemms has 28 years finishing, tailoring and alteration experience. A minimum of 22yrs has been dedicated to the care and restoration of couture garments, with many private customers in the Polo Club of Boca Raton. FL.

She is as well appraised of the area as her spouse and is acutely aware of the shortage of knowledgeable and experienced press work finishers and tailors. Re-beading due to alteration is one of her specialties. In her opinion if an alteration has been made to a garment and the client can see it has been worked on, it has not been completed to her satisfaction. Her experience and expertise runs the gamete from Carolina Herrera, Cloe, Dior and Emilio Pucci evening gowns to Tory Birch, Dolce & Gabanna, Escarda and Zegna Jeans and shirts, caring for the entire family, mens, ladies and children clothing, occasionally even extending to the beloved family pet.

Her prompt personal service, excelled individual personal attention, included but not limited to home/office fittings (by appointment only), often turn a possible alteration nightmare, into a pleasurable experience you cannot wait to repeat. When the alterations to your treasured garments are complete and all final fittings have been made, the garment will be returned to you artfully pressed and ready to wear to your regular daily business meetings or that important formal affair, where it is vital for your personal confidence and view others have of you, that you feel and look at your very best.

The detailed finishing techniques used by Finesse French Cleaners cannot be surpassed by any other cleaner. The use of olde world "Sad Irons" and intricate detail irons which range in size from 1/8 of an inch wide to small spherical ball irons the size of a petite pois, meaning that any unique trim or applicque will be effortlessly finished to absolute perfection.

It is common place for our clients to amend their purchasing habits due to the confidence which they have in our abilities. You will find yourself purchasing items with no regard to the complexities of finishing and/or cleaning techniques required. Rest assured we can handle any item, be it personal clothing or household effects you wish to purchase.

Upon retaining her services you will be supplied with her personal cell phone number, where you can consult her on any tailoring or wardrobe purchase problems which you may encounter. She too is committed to you and your family looking their very best whatever the occasion.

Richard Hemms

Mr Richard Hemms has approximately 22yrs experience in high end couture Dry cleaning, Laundry and Wet cleaning. He has extensive knowledge of fabric, chemistry and cleaning methods. His past ten years had been spent in a cleaners in close proximity to the Polo Club located in Boca Raton. FL. This is where he honed his experience and knowledge in high end couture garment care to the ultimate, daily processing labels such as Zoran, Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Dior, Chloe and Emilio Pucci to name but a few.

He is well appraised of the local marketplace which is why he decided to locate to the Orlando area. There is no establishment in the local area with the knowledge and experience in dealing with these couture garments that Mr Hemms brings to the marketplace. He has been approached by numerous cleaners in the past, in both S.E. and Central Florida to teach his advanced stain removal, restoration and couture garment care methods. It is not only his chosen profession but his hobby, which is how he secured such an extensive knowledge base, only adding to his outstanding stain removal and restoration abilities.

Upon retaining our services you will be supplied with his direct cell phone number. You will be encouraged to consult with him directly with any garment fabricare or stain query that you may have.

His personal point of difference is that he treats other peoples clothes with the ultimate respect , He honestly cares about how you look and how other people view you.